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Essential Info On Renewal Of Green Card At

To prove that you are citizen of the United States of America, you need to hold a valid green card. The card provides a person his or her fundamental rights as a citizen, such as commencing a business or working in an office. Therefore, to ensure you continue receiving these rights, you need to renew the card in time. You can find all the important information related to the renewal process at

Once issued, the card is valid for a period of ten years, which often results in people overseeing the renewal date. However, commencing the renewal procedure six months or before the date of expiration is important to ensure you have adequate time for the completing the process. People who were issued green cards between 1979 and 1988 do not have an expiry date on the cards. Nonetheless, these individuals are advised to renew their cards because the authorities want to update all their databases.

If a woman has received a green card through marriage, she receives a conditional card that is valid for a period of two years. Such cards are not renewable; however, ninety days before the expiry date, the woman needs to apply for removing this condition through a petition. Although, renewing the card before it expires is advisable, people can still take up the renewal of their cards even after the expiry date has been crossed. For more assistance on this procedure please visit our website.

At least six months before the card expires, the holders are advised to file their renewal application through the Form I-90, which can be filed online or mailed to the concerned office. In case, you are abroad at this time, you can contact your nearest US consulate, USCIS office, or port of ten try before you file your Form I-90. The holders of conditional cards need to file the Form I-75 to have the limiting conditions taken off their cards.

The applicants need to include some important documents along with their application forms for green card renewal. The Form must be attached with a copy of the front and back page of your green card. Additionally, you must attach a photo identity proof, such as a valid passport copy or driving license. Click here to avail more information on the documents to be attached with the application form. The applicant must complete the Form I-90 and attach the documents and post it to the USCIS office. In addition, you will need to pay the necessary filing and biometric fees either through a money order or check.

The average time taken to complete the entire green card renewal process is about three months. If you need to leave the country during this time, you will need to contact the INS office and have your passport stamped with Form I-551. Applicants must carry the Application Receipt Notice that shows their green card is under renewal at that point of time. You can simplify the process and renew your green card at

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Renew Your Green Card Before Time Runs Out

If you are among those green card holders, it is a must that you are aware of some tips to renew your green card. It is important for you to know this in order for you to sustain your legalized citizen status in the US. Yet, there are some who are not actually aware of the tips on how they can do the right steps on green card renewal. Those first timers to renew their citizenship card are guilty of this.

It is important to remember that your green card is only valid for ten years. Thus, you need to start the renewal process before it expires. It is recommended that you begin the renewal process six months before the actual expiration of your card. Yet, there is an exemption for this. Those that are issued by their green card from 1979 to 1988 are no longer required to renew their green card.

Filling out the form I-90 is the very first thing you need to know when it comes to the green card renewal process. The form is also called Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card. Basically, it is possible for you to get this form online and to submit it through email. When you fill out this form, make sure that you put the required information so that you will not encounter problems in the processing.

The next thing for you to know on how to renew your green card is to secure some of the papers required. Example of this is the Xerox copy of the front as well as the back part of your expired citizenship card. Aside from that, most applicants are also required to present photo identity like your driver's license and your passport. Some additional requirements may also be asked from you, but this is based from what the concerned department will require from you.

Once you have secured the form and the documents needed, it is now important to submit them in USCIS. As what has been mentioned a while ago, there is also a possibility that you can send the application online. But for a more reliable option, personal submission is recommended for you.

Furthermore, you also need to pay for some amount in order to renew your green card. Basically, there is a need for you to secure $365 as for the payment for the filing and another $85 for the biometric fee. You can send the payment through money order or you can also send this as a check. Basically, the processing time is just 90 days. Yet, this might be longer depending on different instances. See to it to update yourself properly to know the renewal status.

These are some of the things you need to know when it comes to green card renewal. Now that you are already aware of these things, it is now possible for you to completely do the process especially when it is your first time. Keep in mind that the process on how to renew your green card should be initiated before it expires so that you are still a legal citizen of the United States and enjoy the benefits of living in this place.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green Card Renewal As Well As Its Worth

Generally, green card is valid for 10 years. It really is provided by the United states of america Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to a foreign national as a proof of his or her lawful permanent status in the United states of america. It offers the holder the legal rights to acquire employed and live within the US therefore, green card renewal is essential to keep in thoughts.

Even though a green card will expire every single ten years, a holder’s lawful resident status inside the United states of america will not expire. Furthermore, the holder will not be penalized if his or her green card expires. Nevertheless, the US law needs one particular to possess a valid green card in order to prove his or her legal status inside the country. If someone holds an expired card, it is going to not be effortless on the holder’s part to access his or her advantages a legal permanent resident in the US. The holder may also discover it difficult to get operate opportunities inside the US at the same time as face difficulties in re-entering the country from abroad.

With this, it's suggested to be aware with the card’s expiration date all the time and practice green card maintenance. Since the card is valid for ten years, the holder have to renew it every 10 years. Nonetheless, this will not also mean that the holder must renew their card also early, because it is sufficient if he or she will apply for green card renewal six months before its date of expiration.

To renew the card, the holder can file Form I-90, Application to be able to replace his or her green card. The holder should file the form together with the USCIS and there are various alternatives obtainable for this matter. One particular can either file the green card renewal application via postal mail or on-line.

For the green card renewal, holders can file Form I-90, Application to replace their green card. They should file the form with all the United states Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and they're able to either do it on-line or by implies of postal mail.

The holders can send their green card renewal application by signifies of postal mail if they want to alter wrong info, on account of the errors produced by the USCIS on their card; if they didn’t obtain their green card provided to them by the USCIS; and if they want to apply for the renewal of their card within the span of 30 days beginning from their 14th birthday, exactly where their green card will terminate prior to or immediately after they turn 16 years of age.

Submitting their green card renewal application form on the web may also be completed to acquire the card’s new version if they possess the card’s older version; to apply for a adjust of name or address or change other biographic details on their card; and to replace their stolen, destroyed or mutilated card.

The complete green card renewal procedure will full in three months. If holders will submit the form online, they will get a thirteen digit receipt number that confirms that their application has been received by the United states of america Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Their application status might be monitored by way of using this 13 digit number. Visit for more information!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Critical Points on Green Card Renewals: Procedures and Specifications

The US immigration system issues an alien registration card for permanent residence, informally known as “green card”. With the issuance of a green card, all non-US citizens are privileged to reside and work in the United States for a period of time. Thus, foreigners issued with green cards are encouraged to undergo green card renewals, to update card registration, for a permanent abode in the United States.

Green Card Renewals and Processes

Green cards are functional for an indefinite period. The legislative department of US received a proposal concerning the inclusion of expiration dates on all green cards. However, this is not yet mandatory. Although it’s not imposed, involved citizens still encouraged to have green card renewals when leaving and returning to US. This process will be made possible by the Customs Border Protection (CBP). Filing is required for the renewal of green cards to take place. For a period of 180 days prior to the green card’s expiration, the owner may start the process of green card renewal.

Necessities for Green Card Renewals

In the next part, the general requirements and significant information about green card renewals will be explained.

- Form l90 Application

In compliance to the standards, green card renewals require the filing of Form l90. Aside from using this form for the renewal and replacement of permanent residence cards, Form l90 could also be used to bring personal information up to date, especially for instances of name modification. However, this form cannot be used to apply for the removal of renewal/ replacement conditions, or to extend the citizen’s residency status. Form l90 can be downloaded online and filed electronically. You could also obtain in paper form.

- Expiration Date and Validity

Even if green card duration of functionality is indefinite, the government encourages the green card holders to undergo regular card renewal upon leaving and arriving in the US. The validity of green cards lasts for 10 years.

- Renewal for Lost or Destroyed Green Cards and Name Change

All green cards lost or destroyed require the filing of Form l90. Same applies upon marriage in the United States, to update the change in name. Duration of green renewal is about 6 to 12 months prior to application.

- Permanent Residence Status Confirmation

For the on-going green card renewals, temporary documentations are provided as a requirement for this process to complete. Temporary documents last for a year upon its issuance.

- Length of Stay outside US territory

Green cardholders can travel outside US but are restricted to a specific duration to stay in foreign countries. To extend travel outside US, reentry permit may be processed.

Application for a Green Card

- Marriage to a legitimate US citizen
- Sponsorship of Family Member
- US-based company Sponsorship
- Green card investment
- Through Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

For further updates on green card renewals, contact the US Immigration office or check online for announcement.